Are You Focused?

Are You Focused?

You won’t be on the internet long before you start to experience ‘information overload’.   You will be told that the program someone wants you to join is the only one on the market that will establish you as an internet marketer and earn you money.   It might, but only if you do exactly what the program requires you to do.   You cannot stay focused on more than a couple of programs at one time.

Before joining a new program ask yourself if it can be incorporated into what else you are doing and are focused on.    For instance you could purchase PLR products on the niche you are in.   Everyone needs places to put ads subscribing to safelists, traffice exchanges, list building programs, would also be excempt.

The thing to do is decide what you want to what you want to be focused on get it up and running and when it is running on auto-pilot then move on to something else.    But whatever it is you are doing has to be put on your main blog, which as you know, is the one with your name as the domain name.

Staying Focused And Advertising

The one thing you should not do and that is advertise an affiliate program, because all you will be doing is paying, either in time, or money, or both to send them to someone else.   If you leave that program you have lost them forever, but even if you don’t you cannot contact them to tell them about others programs, etc.

What you should do is focus on Building Your List by advertising your main blog, or a program such as Earth Friendly Biz, and get subscribers that you can contact with other programs.

How To Stay Focused And Advertise Various Programs

Each program you join and this includes advertising programs give you tools to advertise it.   How can you do this and stay focused?   The best way is to do a review on your main blog and when you have done so let those who have subscribed to it know.   If you write a good review and tell them how you have used it, they will want to subscribe to it and in this way you can stay focused.

But you may be wondering how you get those that subscribed to another program to subscribe to Cheap Accutane your blog.   You do this by keeping in touch with them and you will be told about a good way to do that in the next post.

Keep Focused on what works.

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