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New Updates from Sokule.com

New Updates from Sokule.comThere is now an income opportunity of never heard of proportions with a product offering of FDA approved products

Europe: Them Or Us

Europe: Them Or Us


This is the title of 2 programs aired on BBC One on Tuesday 12th and 19th April 2016.

They trace the history of our dealings with what is now the European Union from its start to now.   The reason they are being aired now is because, as most people know, both inside and outside of the UK, we are going to vote on the 23rd June 2016 whether we want to be part of it or not.

In one way they are definitely Them and not Us and that is in most of them have a written constitution and we don’t.  And their parliaments are subject to it whereas ours is not.  There are restrictions on our parliament in that no individual parliament is allowed to bind its successors.  All laws they pass have to allow future parliaments to change them. Read More…

Redefining Marriage

Redefining Marriage

LogoI have done quite a few posts on language and how it is being redefined, with particular emphasis on the redefining of marriage.  Those of us who disapprove of this redefining say that redefining it to include 2 people of the same sex marrying would mean that language and laws that have been around for hundreds of years would be redefined and they would find themselves in a mess.  This has proved to be true as an entry on the Coalition For Marriage website proves.

I have put the whole article below under the title: Read More…

About Crowd Funding

Strategies: 7 keys to crowdfunding success Greenville NewsSo, in 2012, Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. Among other things, the law allows start-ups to raise money from the public through crowdfunding sites.

Crowd Funding In 7 Success Steps

How to Succeed With Crowd Funding



There is a new option for small-business owners, inventors, etc who want to raise money.  It is crowdfunding.   Up to now these people only had 2 options when seeking investors.  They could beg from family and friends and if it was a promising concept investors and venture capitalists.

But  they couldn’t appeal to the wider public and if they thought it was a good idea help them to get it of the ground.    The reason for this was because there were laws that prevented people loosing their money to scam artists and stopping them appealing to more than certain number of those with personal wealth.

But with the advent of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing as it allowed those with creative ideas to get input from potential customers.  Crowd Funding also protects both those who want and those who are lending the money and more than one person is doing the lending. Read More…

Redefining Words

Redefining Words

In an earlier post I looked at Language and How We Use it. .  I demonstrated that some words are being used illegitimately. In this post I want to look at the ways we redefine words.

In July 2013 our government redefined words, by redefing the word marriage. Those who supported the change tried to convince us that they were only including others in the word, but this is not the case, as a moments thought about it shows.

It is not, as some suggest, discriminating against those who are not now included. This was suggested by someone who wanted the law to be changed. They said they were being excluded, but the truth is they were and are excluding themselves.   And no redefining words will change this. Read More…