The BEAST an Advertising Plus program is now in pre-launch

The BEAST advertising plus program is now in pre-launch

Or rather it is in the phase between pre and the actual launch.   In pre-launch those who wanted to join could express interest and be added a list under their sponsor, but this is not possible now.    If you are interested in joining The Beast when it actually launches please fill in the form below.

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This is another program Jane Mark and her partner Phil Basten are going to add to their advertising arsenal.  They are at the forefront when it comes to advertising programs.  I have just received an email from Jane telling me that The Beast is going to be launched on the 2th October and inviting me and others on her list to promote it and build a downline before it launches.

The Beast is what it is being called now, as it will be a large program with many parts to it.  But it will no doubt be something else when it launches.

They say that those who registering Pre-launch, will have secured a front-row seat to a unique new concept in internet marketing and income generation.  The daily residual aspect alone will blow minds and set the bar for all the other programs online.

Advertising: What Does the Beast contain?

They say that they can’t spill ALL the details about our program until launch, they Reveal that those who subscribe…

  • Will be able to have complete advertising campaigns on Auto-Pilot
  • Receive RESIDUAL income up to $615 PER DAY
  • Receive DAILY payouts
  • Earn on a downline up to 7 levels deep
  • Participate in a Forced matrix is a Spillover MAGNET
  • Promotional Tools are included you get your affiliate link, banners and sample solo ad
  • So Spread the word and bring in as many members as you can.
  • They will be releasing additional information as they move closer to the end of pre-launch and prepare to unleash the beast!

 Advertising:  What Other Programs have the Launched?

Among there other programs are:

SoKule – their Social Media site, built by internet marketers for internet marketers which allows subscribers to make one post and have it put on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

KuleTrack – which helps you build your list on SoKule

KuleMail – their credit based mailer.  Like other such sites the number of people you can mail to depends on your level of membership.

KuleSearch – Where you can buy and sell keywords.  You can both buy them for your own use or buy them to sell them.

These are all fairly new among their older ones but still going strong are

Trade Ad Depot – Here you can send messages to your downline and, if you are an upgraded member, random members every week.  There is also the facility to put banners and text ads.

Free Ad Depot – Much the same as the above.

To subscribe and start building your downline click on the banner below:

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And wait for the launch of the Monster Advertising Plus program to be launched

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