Bristol England on the Map

Bristol England on the Map

People from all around the world accessed the internet on Thursday 3rd October 2013 to bid at an auction that was being held in Bristol.  What was being auctioned?

It was 81 large dogs, whose name was: Gromit.  He, togehter with his owner Wallace, is the Brain Child of Nick Parks, the owner of Aardman Animations.   They were made and various people decorated them and they were put all around Bristol, including Staple Hill were I live.   I had my photo taken along side it.  Click here to see it:  Gromit in Staple Hill

On the above date they were auctioned.   The money raised at this and earlier events connected with them is going to the Bristol Childrens’ Hospital.    After being removed from the various places they had occupied earlier they were exhibited all in one place and those who attended were charged and they were also able to purchase minature ones.

This was on from Tuesday one week to Monday the following week.  The weekend it was on I was in this part of Bristol before 9.00 a.m. and noted that the queue was completely out of sight, so I wasn’t surprised to hear that people had queued for 8 hours and others had been told not to join the quuue because they would not get in.

So how much did they make at the auction?  Would you believe it if I said that they made over #2.3 million at it alone, with what was taken elsewhere to be announced.

This, it is said, has put Bristol on the map, but what else is:

Bristol known for:

You say Concord and you say Bristol and you also say Bristol when you mention aircraft in general.

Another firm that is known worldwide is Cameron Baloons.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel made it his home and among the things he built here are:

The Clifton Suspension Bridge and

The SS Great Britain, which is moored at the Floating Harbour.

And on sea going things it should be mentioned that Bristol was given County status in 1373 by Edward 3 because next to London we provided more ships than anywhere else in England.   At that time we were not the UK as Scotland was a seperate country who we were frequently at war with.

Where What, etc is Bristol

It is the largest city and the capital of the West of England.  It is around 1,000 years old and wasn’t unlike Bath, which around 12 miles from it, part of the Roman Empire.    As mentioned above we have a Floating Harbour, which the City Council wanted to close in, but where persuaded not to.

Quite a few things, including the Harbour Festival, on the last weekend in July, are held there.   It is near Queen Square, which at one time had a road running right through it, but no longer does, and it is been made a traffic free zone.   Many of the events include it.

In 1973 we celebrated our 600 years as City and County, only to loose the County status the following year and become part of Avon.   Everyone complained about this and eventually Avon was abolished and Br




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