Build Your List With Prosperity….

Build Your List With Prosperity Rising

 Prosperity Marketing System haslaunched and invites you to join and not only build your list but to make money while doing so. Unlike other Funded Sponsoring Systems you only pay a small one off payment and are set up for life.

Just as with other programs you give your name and email address and you are asked to upgrade. As soon as you do you are sent to the back office and start to get yourself set up.

You will be welcomed, invited to view your sponsors progrom (of which below). And then, if you are brand new to invited to log into:

Prosperity Marketing Course One

It is not assumed that you know how to do such things as set up your email account, download to your computer, setup toolbars, etc and provide instructions on how to do these things. You may wish to check this section out, but if you know how to do all of these things you can move on to:

Prosperity Marketing Course Two

Settingup Prosperity Marketing. You are first given an overview and are then moved to Your Primary Program. This is the program you wish to promote. The one that is there when you get there is the one your sponsor has chosen. My sponsor is Janet Legere and she chose GVO, so all I had to do was put in my username and move on to:

The Money Is In The List

This like all such programs incorporates an autoresponder, but here you are invited to choose your own. Naturally I chose the one provided by GVO, unlike them who use GetResponse. This meant I had to do a bit of work. But instructions are provided and you are told if you have not done something, or done something wrong and congratulated when it is set up.

Once this is done you are invited to setup a Splash Page, using the editor they provide. If you do not wish to do so you can use the affiliate link that is provided.

In the next section you are told to do what most people do not do and that is track all your ads to see which ones are working and which are not. You might advertise in 6 places and get 100 clicks, if you don’t track you do not know where they come from. And again you might get 10 of these subscribe and if you don’t know where they came from you might assume that the one that provided the greatest number of clicks also provided the greatest number of click throughs and this may not be the case.

The one they recommend is one I was already a member of: T E Toolbox. This bring Course Two to an end.

Prosperity Marketing Course Three Traffic, Signups and Sales.

It starts by saying that there are many ways to drive traffic to your site and reminded to use the tools you were told about in Two.

You click continue and invited to join the Viral Traffic Coop. Next comes List Builders, followed by Traffic Exchanges and Other Resources. Some of these programs I was already a member of, but I did join a couple of other ones.

One of the programs I joined from Prosperity Marketing was Money List Mania which will, together with others be reviewed in the next post.

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