Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages

Social Networking sites like Facebook were, up to fairly recently, just places where someone could met their friends, either those they knew before they joined, and/or those they met at the site. This is continuing, but other things are being introduced
including Facebook Fan Pages.

What Are Facebook Fan Pages?

What exactly are they and howdo they work? Many people have asked this and others have decided to find out and tell them. These include Chris Farrell and Jo Barnes who I was introduced to by him. She says that she is still finding out how things work and will keep those who have joined her program up to date.

Like others she says that we have to abide by Facebooks rules, or we could find ourselves banned and if we have built up a large friend’s list who are active on both your wall and Fan Page you will have lost them.

What Are Facebook’s Rules

One of the most important is No Spamming. Another is: Do Not Indulge In Robotic Behaviour. This would include inviting all the friends of one of yours at one time. Keep it to a reasonble amount, say 50 a day.

One way of avoiding being accused of spamming people is to group them into lists, ensuring that those who are in your business list do want to know about your business and even then do not include a link in every message you send them. And the same applies to your posts on your Home Page.

You can be more business orientated on your Fan Page. Facebook allows you to send a message to everyone who Likes your Fan Page. Most people make their Wall the Home Page for their Fan Page, but this is not a good idea. It is much better to use their FBML. This is their equivalent of HTML.

Most people are technically challanged and know nothing Buy cheap Accutane Online about HTML, but there are some, like myself, who know enough to get by and do not mind using an Editor. For those who do not want to there are Templates you can use. Both Jo and Chris provide them to those who join their programs.

Another service Facebook offers is Google Style ads, which you are asked to use to tell people about your Facebook Page.

As soon as you set up your Page Facebook suggests you tell others that you have done so and this includes placing Facebook Ads.

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