Get Free From The Search Engines What Others Pay For

Get Free From Search Engines What Others Pay For

Would this appeal to you?   Janet and Don Legere were away on holiday for most of January and a friend of theirs Steve Gaghagen took over from them on in their Conference Room.

He has his own site Onlinetechniques where he tells people how to achieve Search Engine Optimisation and also does it for them.    This was one of the things he talked about.   He is doing a series of videos on how to achieve:

Optimisation on the Search Engines

This is done with both plugins and widgets.  He said he knew a lot of people where technically challenged, but assured us that these videos were in language anyone could understand.

We were told to put all the information we needed to optimise the blog in a Notepad file, so that when we started it was all there.    The first thing to do was get your domain name and a place to host it.   They have to supply Fantatico so you can put a WordPress blog on it.   The reason for having a WordPress blog is that it is under your control and no one can shut it down because you are doing something the owners do not like.

Search Engines Optimisation:  What is needed?

The first thing you need are various plugins.   There are a lot of plugins but most of them are not necessary for optimising your blog for the search engines.   The ones he recommends are.   Most of them are supplied by WordPress and are free and even those supplied by internet marketers are free.   That is all except one.    Most of the plugins are supplied by Word Press.

But some of them are not.   The procedure was to get all the plugins and where necessary put designated information on to your Notepad.   He recommends 27.   These give you what you need to optimise your blog for the Search Engines.

One of the plugins tells you what you need to do to get your blog on to the first pages of the Search Engines.    What you do is put in the keywords you have elected to use for that post and you will be told what else you need to do to make it friendly to the Search Engines.

One of the quickest ways to get your sites on to the Search Engines is to write articles.    The best is Ezine Articles and another plugin allows you to submit your blog post to it.   The more articles you submit the higher your site will rise in the Search Engines.

Here we have looked at how you can optimise your blog for the Search Engines, in the next one will look at how you can Buy cheap online Provigil get many articles submitted to the various Article Directories.

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