In the last post we looked at a Giveaway put on by Healthy Wealthy and Wise. Once they launched they shut the door to new contributors, but others, even though they have launched are still allowing people to subscribe as contributors.

Giveaways are the quickest way of Buiding Your List, but not just any list, but a super targetted one, as they have subscribed to receive a book, join a membership site, etc on a certain topic.

As mentioned in the last post one giveaway I have joined has launched, but another has not. Since doing that post I have joined a new giveaway.

Giveaways: Procedure

The basic procedure when you join a giveaway is to donate a book, piece of software, membership to a paid membership site for free (but only for a specific period after which they pay).

Once you join you are invited to upgrade, on the basis that those who do are placed in a higher position in the giveaway than those who do not, thereby getting more subscribers. The price is anything from $10.00 to $100.00, but usually around $50.00. If you can afford to it is a good ideato take them up on it. In some cases you can upgrade afterwards, but it is always more to do so.

Another thing they insist on is that you advertise it.  Some just give you emails to to send to your subscribers, other provide material to put on your blog, adverts to put on safelists, links to put into Traffic Exchanges.

Giveaways: What Else is Involved?

This depends on whether you have upgraded. Some allow you to put banners to your sites, others also allow you to set up an sales page that everyone is shown in rotation, to a paid program.

If you use Giveaways to build your list on a regular basis you can do most of the work before joining. In fact you can do all of it so all you have to do is provide a Squeeze Page and the links to where they can download it.

If you would like to join click on the links below:

Maximum Leverage

Social Marketing

Internet Marketing

In this post we looked at Giveaways, in the next one I will be telling you about some training I have received.



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