GVO Conference PreLaunch Date Is Announced

GVO Conference PreLaunch Date Is Announced

The date GVO Conference will go into PreLaunch has been announced.

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It is 8th September.    In the Training Room on Saturday 28th August Joel Therien told us that the dream to have such a facility was born many years ago when he was living in Canada, but was thrawted by the fact that he was not able to afford the costs.

History of GVO Conference

What allowed him to do it was a move to Texas, where he was able to purchase his own servers which means that his costs are minimal and that he can charge a price that anyone in the world can pay and reward those who subscribe themselves and promote it to others by paying them most of the money he receives.

He is also doing something no one else has done and that is launch it in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.   He said that it wasn’t done mechanically, but by human beings who were members of GVO.   He stressed everything connected with it, including the Help Desk, were in the same language.  He then invited a couple of them to speak in their own language to others speaking the same language, which brings us to another unique feature of the new Conference Room:

This is the fact that 4 other people can be invited the person who is speaking at the time and they hold conversations with each other.

After listening to what Joel had to say I then joined Janet and Don Legere in their Conference Room.   She told us that if we had a Titanium account (I do) to log into the back office and, if we had not already done so, set up our own Conference Room and when we did we would see that it was the new version, that we had just been told about.  She advised us to invite others to join us and see for themselves what they will be getting on the 8th September, or earlier if they decided to become members of GVO.

Competitive Advantage of GVO Conference

Joel Therien says that for a program to succeed it has to have a competitive advantage and that the main one of GVO Conference is its price point, i.e. a 10th of the competitions.

Another advantage of GVO Conference is the above, i.e. it is not only in English, like the others.   A further one is that a version for those who are hard of hearing.

If you would like to take me up on this offer, see how it works and get your own conference room, please Skype me at jeanne0738 and I would be happy to show you.

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