GVO Launches New Hosting Program

GVO Launches New Hosting Program

Many of the posts on this blog are about the programs Joel Therien has launched under the GVO label. He has recently launched a new hosting one: Host Then Profits, giving the following all for under $10.00, a month, in fact you can subscribe for $1.00 for the first week.

Every day people are starting their own internet businesses to make a bit of extra money and do not want to pay to host unlimited websites, etc, but would appreciate a package then can afford which gives them:

4 domain hosting which includes one C-panel –

Autorespondor system which includes 5 campaigns (up to 500 subscribers)

Blogger Builder. Create upto 4 blogs using our turnkey site builder.

Video producing system. Create upto 5 killer videos with just a couple of simple clicks.

Hundreds of templates for video capture pages to build your list of prospects and leads.

Live Conference Room for upto 5 attendees.

And Full access to the Best Live Training with the best coaches in the industry. All under one very powerful package!

In fact a complete business building package just for you. With a powerful combination of Web hosting merged with the best marketing tools in the industry to help explode your online business!

Hosting and Training

No one is born knowing how to do anything and need teaching on whatever it is they want to know about and this is even more necessary with the internet.

Once someone starts they are invited to join this and that program and told they will not succeed if they don’t join and that it is the best program on the internet. Most of them are good, but well beyond the reach of a new person, either because of price and/or because it assumes you have knowledge you don’t have.

Here you are provided with free training both personally via the conference room and via videos.

Get the best support and live hands on training in the industry.

Yes, this incredible deal includes, a complete web hosting package…

Hosting and Promoting

One of the reasons people fail with internet marketing is because they struggle when it comes to advertising the programs they join. Joel Therien realises this and provides all the tools you need to get people to join. There is a drawback to this and it is that others will be using the same material and people are more likely to subscribe under those whose names they recognise. With this in mind the best way to proceed is to take what you are provided with and rewrite it especially the heading.

As was pointed out in an earlier post the reason it can be put on at this price is because Joel Therien, who is making you this offer owns everything and does not rent it from others as do many hosting companies.

In addition he does not have shareholders who are only investing in the company to make money and have no interest in those, i.e the affiliates, who are bringing the people in and are making them money.

Joel Therien says that they only people he listens to are those who bring people into his business, i.e. his affiliates. The questions I would like to ask you are: Does your hosting company ask you what you want? Listen to your requests and where possible implement them? Do they tell you what they are planning to do? My answer is that mine does.

For more information about hosting with GVO and to subscribe go to:  Host Then Profit.

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