Are You In Charge or Officials?

Are You In Charge or Officials?

In the last post you were told that one aspect of thinking was that the state can dictate how they behave, etc  and that this has lead to the decline of local shops and that another aspect  would looked at in this post.

It all started with the birth of the Welfare State, with the government promising to look after us from cradle to grave.   If we are ill we call in a doctor and if it is necessary we are taken to hospital.   And at a certain age we can stop working and the state pays us.

You Or The State Or Other Officials?

In some respects this is good, but it breeds a dependent culture, where people expect the state to look after us and if something goes wrong, the state, or the person in charge is blamed.   We can see this in action with, not only the parents, but the social worker, being blamed, when a child dies from illtreatment.  But those who are the quickest to blame the official, or officials, would, no doubt, be the first to complain if he or she wanted to investigate how they were treating their children.

Our Health Service is drug orientated and the drug companies are trying to stop us buying natural vitamins and remedies.   Once again we find officials telling us what we can and cannot do.  The Soil Association, among others, think this is wrong.  They  are based in Bristol, where I live and the weekend of 11/12 September 2010 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Organic Festival which is held in Bristol.   I attended on the 11th and purchased the Festival magazine.

I will be commenting on an article in it below.   But here I want to tell you about a petition one of the stall holders were asking people to sign.  They said it was to let the government know that they did know about laws they were trying to get passed behind closed doors and they didn’t want us to know about until it was too late.  It was to stop people having natural remedies.   For information on it see Golden Site Home.   On it you will find a link to the website they have set up telling people what is happening and providing a form for them to sign telling the government they are not acting for the signees, and that includes me.

Climate Change and Officials

Now we turn to the article mentioned above.  We are continually hearing that there is something the matter with the planet we live on and we are responsible for its illhealth.   Not so, say others, there is something the matter, but we are not causing it.

But the government agrees with those who say we are causing it and have promised to reduce our carbon footprint and help the planet to recover.  We are told that the way to do that as far as agriculture is concerned is to go along the path of GM foods.   No say the Soil Association.    They say:

“A major report published by the Soil Association….. shows that converting crop growing areas of the UK to organic farming could take 3.2 million tonnes of carbon per year out of the atmosphere and store it in the soil – equivalent to 23% of the UK farming’s global warning emissions.  If the Government is serious about takling climate change then it needs to get serious about supporting organic agriculture.”

In reading the Social Associations bulletin I was struck how people orientated the whole organic movement is.   There are articles by farmers telling us why they are organic farmers.   On the other hand the agriculture we are practicing now is much more in the hands of big businesses and officials.

In this post we have looked at government and officials orientated a lot of people are, in the next post we return to conferencing.

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