Internet Conference

Internet Conference

On the 26th April 2010 I did a post asking Why Attend Conferences. This was after attending an internet conference in Las Vegas. In it I mentioned that I had met Janet Legere and her husband Don. But I had been in contact with her before as a GVO Presenter. One of the first programs she launched was Contact List Builder and last year she relaunched it and late last year decided to put on a Conference in Calgary where they live.

I booked and attended it. The actual internet conference was from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th April, but I stayed until Thursday 3rd May. Not many attended which was lovely for those of us who did as it meant that we received individual attention.

Many of the attendees at the internet conference live in remote places and had a much harder journey than I did, including those who live in Canada. They had to change planes, whereas I did not. I got a direct flight at about half the price of the more well established airlines.

Internet Conference: Where Were They From

With the exception of myself they were from the USA, or Canada. I was only one from the UK. Someone else from the UK wanted to come but was not able to make it and neither was someone from Mexico. I was the 3rd person to arrive, at 8.00 p.m. local time and after checking in at the desk I was asked to call another room. I did so and then went see the 2 who had arrived before me. The next morning as I was going down to breakfast met another of the attendees, who had come with his wife. Their room was opposite mine. Later as I was going down to lunch was introduced to a friend of hers and invited to join them for lunch.

The internet conference started with a get together in the lounge bar, where I was introduced to Estelle Matthews, who now lives in Calgary but was from Glasgow (of whom more later) and the last attendee who I had not met who had arrived by that time. The last 2 to arrive were James Stone and his wife Diane.   He is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert and all his programs are based on this (more about them in another post). He is the producer of Prospect Geyser and partners with Janet Legere in it. They hold regular training sessions on it on Wednesdays.

Internet Conference: What Did We Learn

The price of the conference included all our food from Friday evening to Sunday breakfast and we all met in the restuarant for breakfast on Saturday morning.

The first session was at 9.00 a.m. We were told, by Janet that her daughter was coming at 10.00 and telling us how to make a plan to follow to aid us in what we have to do to succeed with our internet business. He name is Tina O’Conner and she arrived with her husband and 3 daughters just before 10.00. She has written and published a book “Be That Girl”, which those of us who did not already have bought from her. 10.00 a.m. is the time Janet conducts her training and Tina talk to us was broadcast from her conference room.

Another of the speakers was the above mentioned James Stone. All his sites are based on using keywords. The procedure is to go to Google’s Keyword Tool, or other keyword search program and put in a phrase that fits what you are wanting to advertise. This gives you a list of similar keyword phrases that people have searched for, how many have done so and what the competition is: i.e. high, medium or low. This is based on the number of sites that have this particular keyword phrase on their websites. The next thing to do is put the phrase in Google and see what comes up. Those at the top are being paid for, so what you want to look at are those that are not and study their source code.

To illustrate how this works we were asked what our passion was and I said that mine was natural health, with particular emphasis on Aloe Vera. I have a website on Aloe Vera but both he and Janet suggested that I got one with the domain name of a frequently searched for keyword phrase and came up with Pure Aloe Vera Juice. I bought it and now have http:purealoeverajuice.com. He told me how to optimise it so I get to the first page of the search engines.

On Saturday evening we had a internet conference dinner in a private room where the guest speakers where Janet’s younger daughter Brenda and her husband Curtis Sim.

While we were there Janet took the picture of me below:

As said above I was the only one from the UK with everyone else living in either the US, or Canada. I also mentioned that one of the attendees, Estelle Matthews actually lives in Calgary and both she and Janet took me out to show me the sites in Calgary. Estelle suggested to Janet that it might be a good idea to put on trips next year to show the attendees the Sites of Calgary and surronding districts.

Estelle took me up into the Rockies where I took pictures.   I have included one of me taken at Lake Louise:

In this post we have looked at a visit I made to Calgary Alberta and the internet conference I attended there and I would be grateful for your feed back.

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