Internet Tools Needed by all Marketers

Internet Tools Needed by Marketers

  In earlier posts I mentioned that I am a member of Global Virtual Opportunity and have joined their programs as soon as I am told about them as they provide the internet tools that marketers need.  This is usually before they are launched, as existing subscribers are told about them first.  The latest one they have now launched is called Pure Leverage and it is a truly set and basically forget as far as the program itself is concerned, as everything has been done for us and supplies the internet tools we need.

It has 3 parts.  The first part which everyone joins is a suite of  internet tools that marketers need to run their business.  The 2nd is to become a Reseller so you can promote it and earn money.   The 3rd part is an upgrade that you can also earn money on.

There are other similar programs on the internet but they do not have the tools that Joel Therien supplies with both this and his other programs.   He is of the opinion that without them the program is lacking.

As this is a new program it is the one Joel is concentrating on.   And Janet Legere (who, as you were told in previous posts, is my sponsor in GVO) has also given training on it, both on Saturday and in her Contact List Building training.   She told us today that next week Joel will be her guest next Saturday and talk to us about Pure Leverage.

Internet Tools: What do you get in Part 1

It consists of an autoresponder, video producing software, a 100 seat conference room and a blog.   The whole suite only cost $24.95 a month.   You can grow your list to 10,000 which in Aweber and other autoresponders would cost you $50.00 a month.   You also have video emails that you can sent to your subscribers.   They are your subscribers and you can contact and get to know them.

Then you have the 100 set conference room which elsewhere would cost at least $50.00.   With other conference software you have to download it, whereas this is internet based and all you have to do is login.

It is the same conference software they use to give training on it and other aspects of internet marketing, which unlike training given by other marketers is free.

All you have to do is advertise it and even this is taken care of.   There are a lot of advertising programs on the internet some are good others are not and you will be given a list of the places they advertise and also a tracker to test to see where your subscribers are coming from.

And once they have subscribed they are sent the first of a series of message with your link in them for them to subscribe under you.

Internet Tools: What do you get in Parts 2 and 3

Once you have joined you will be asked to upgrade and become a Reseller.   This is $19.95 a month, and is paid to GVO.  The affiliates get all the commission on the other 2 programs and obviously GVO has expenses and this pays them.  Once you have become a Reseller, you then ask to upgrade again to VIP for $97.00.    The reason you asked to is if you don’t and one of those who you sponsor into Part 1 does they are given to your sponsor and you have lost them forever.

The internet tool that marketers need that is lacking in this program is hosting, but as you as you were told in previous posts hosting is at the core of their business and they provide together with other services at a price anyone can afford.

To find out how these internet tools can help you please visit Pure Leverage.

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