Lead Gusher And The Search Engines

Lead Gusher And The Search Engines

In Build Your List you were told that Lead Gusher was one of the 3 programs Janet Legere invites you to join first when you subscribe to her Earth Friendly Biz.    It is a Lead Generating program.    Those who join are invited to pay a one time fee and have their web site submitted to the search engines.    The more it is submitted the higher it rises in them.

As you join it as part of EFB Janet gives you the keywords to insert into the appropriate place.    But as with all other forms of advertising it is a good idea to use a Tracking Device.   One is included which we will look at in a later post.

James Stone, the owner of Lead Gusher is also a partner in EFB.    Janet says she was looking for a program to put in just this slot when she relaunched EFB and that she has known Buy cheap Accutane Online James Stone for quite some time and his program was a perfect match.

How And Why We Use Search Engines

Google is one of the programs everyone has heard of and uses, even if they are not internet marketers.  What do we do when we want to find out anything?  We go to Google and type in a word or group of words and hope what comes up is information on what we want.   For instance we want to know the best place to buy a new washing machine and want to know where we can get the best value.

These are called key words and key word phrases and it these that internet marketers use to get people to their websites.    Google provides a tool that show how often a key word was searched for in the search engines.   What you have to do is put in a word, say conference, and a list comes up of phrases with this word in it.

How Do We Optimise Our Site For the Search Engines?

Initially the only way to do this was to ensure you had it enough times on your website.   But recently programs have been launched that either help you with it and/or do it for you.

If you haven’t joined Lead Gusher yet you might like to do so now.   Click on the banner below:

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Watch the video to see what it is all about and has to offer you.

In this post we have looked at Lead Gusher and the search engines, in the next one you are told you must stay Focused.

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