Learning: Good – But Only If It Is Put Into Action

Learning: Good – But Only If It Is Put Into Action

No one knows everything and we should recognise that we need to learn from others, but learning is useless unless and until it is put into action.   This was the theme of the training given by Janet Legere today in her Contact List Builder Conference Room.    She said, as she always does, that you need a plan of action and a passion for what you are doing.  If you don’t have a passion for it when things get tough you will just quit.

Among those who attended was Rob Gehring of Traffic Leads 2 Income and he spoke to an attendee who was “trying” to do things.   He said, and Janet agreed, that should not try to do things, we should do them.   He issued a challenge that he said included all of us.   That was to go to our Facebook wall and put a message on it saying what we had learnt.

I also put the same message on my AdrienneFranklin Facebook Page.  Please visit and like it.

Who has put learning into practice?

I did so and said that I would be putting a post on this blog, and here it is.    Janet also said that we should decide what we wanted to concentrate on.    She mentioned Michael Camire whose passion is exotic birds and this is what he is concentrating on.   He was jumping from one thing to another, but then decided to put into practice all he had learnt from her using the tools provided on the Contact List Builder website.

When he got everything set up and he knew what he had to do he set about doing it and now gives talks each Monday evening showing what he was learning and how he is putting it into practice.

Learning: Who Do You Pass It To?

You cannot succeed on your own you have to pass on what you have learnt to others and encourage them to put it into action.   And if you are not passionate about it how can you persuade others to be?  The answer is you cannot.

So you much keep learning, put it into practice and persuade others to do the same.   This is the 2nd post I have done on putting learning into action, you might like to read the earlier one I did.




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