List Building: Contact List Builder Training

List Building: Contact List Builder Training

Every Thursday Janet Legere provides training on her Contact List Builder 5 Step Blueprint (CLB). She starts with an overview of the system and then concentrates on a specific aspect of it. The core of it as the name implies is List Building and on Thursday 28th June 2012 one aspect of it was looked at. This was how to make a Lead Capture Page on Traffic Leads 2 Income (TL2I).

Everyone, both free and paid members can make one page, but upgraded members can make as many as they like. When you join the program you are given a list of things to do and not allowed to go on to the next one until the previous one is finished. Once it is set up that is it. If you are an upgraded member and want to make another page all you have to do is scrool down to the bottom of the page and click the link that takes you to where you make a new page.

You are asked if you want to edit an existing one, or make a new one. If you choose a new one you will be invited to choose a template. Once you have done so the last one you made will appear and all you have to do is change what you want to say. If you want to use it to promote TL2I you leave the autoresponder code there, but if you want to promote something else, in this case CLB, you will have to go to your autoresponder. In both Janet’s and my case this is GVO.

List Building and GVO

I have done other posts on GVO telling you about the tools they provide including their autoresponder which is used to store the names and email addrsses of those who subscribe to your programs and send out messages to them on a regular basis. Janet showed us how to set up a new campaign in the autoresponder supplied by GVO and said that all autoresponders were much the same. These are a necessary part of the tools needed by internet marketers to aid them in list building.

Once it is set up you have to take the code and put it in the designated place in the editor supplied by TL2I. This is made easy for you as you are told were to put it.

The form that appears on the List Building LCP is next to your picture which is one of the thing you put in as you set it up.

List Building: Advertising.

Now you have your LCP all that is needed is for you to promote it by placing it in Safelists, Credit Based Lists, Traffic Exchanges. But an even better place to put it is on your Facebook site. Janet said to let her know when we had done it and when those of us who did one did so she said she had set up a Facebook Page and to put it on it.

Click here to visit it.

In this post we looked at how to do list building using a LCP supplied by TL2I, which those who visit it my also wish to join to aid them in their list building.

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