Look at what this reality TV star has to say about Joel Therien and GVOconference!!

What A TV star has to say about GVO Conference!!

GVO Conference is still in Pre-Launch and you can join and be in at the top before it is released to the masses.

It is being launched at a price no one will be able to match, i.e. $8.97.  The reason Joel Therien, the owner of GVO Conference, can launch at this price, he tells us, is the fact that he owns everything.  Unlike others there are no 3rd parties associated with this products.

He can therefore reward those who are his customers.  Among those are the top internet marketers and now a TV Star.

Conference Price

He says that some may think 1.  it cannot be as good, and 2.  No one can make much money at this price.   He answers both these objections by poinint to:

1.  GoDaddy.  He says that they sell domain names for, guess what?  $8.97 and they make millions.   Before they came on the market domain names were $100.00 a year.   But now everyone sells at this price.

2.  Netflix.  They charge $8.97 those that rent their videos.  They can do so because they are on the internet and can store them in one large warehouse, whereas previously the only way to get them was from shops in the High Street.   Those that still adhere to this model have overheads Netflix do not.

Why Did The TV Star Endorse GVO Conference?

Joel Therien told us that he saw his website and emailed him telling him that he knew he wasn’t making any money with it.   He then suggested they should get together and he would tell him what to do.   The outcome was the endorsement for GVO Conference.

You can use this persons endorsement to work for you on YOUR own web site!!

To find out what he has to say and subscribe visit GVO Conference.

Here we have looked at conference software, in the next one we look at somewhere to advertise it.

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