Training On How To Brand Yourself

Training On How To Brand Yourself

I have just finished a training session with Janet Legere in her own conference room.   She began, as always by telling us that one must

Brand Yourself

There are 5 steps to doing this:

Register Your Name as a Domain Name
Get a Hosting Company that provides Word Press
And an Autoresponder so you can put a form on your blog and Get Subscribers
Put Articles and Videos on Your Blog
Get Traffic to Your Blog

Saturday Talks Item 1 Brand Yourself

Janet gives talks every Saturday which she starts by telling us to Brand Yourself.  Then her husband Don gives an inspirational message.   He is ran a series of 13 messages.   This takes about 20 she then moves on to the main part of the program.   Some weeks she speaks on a specific topic, others she invites someone to be her guest speaker.   When it is guest speaker they speak on a subject they have studied and become an expert in.  They usually tell us how they got to where they are.

Brand Yourself: Overcome Problems

On July 17 Janet finished her talk by telling us how we can turn Lemons into Lemonade. She and Don say that everything starts with thought and we must view everything optimistically.  She said that there is a good side to everything if only we can see it.   She told us of all the things that could have been viewed as being bad, but which she turned round turning sharp lemons into lemonade.

Recently she introduced us to Devlyn Steele’s program Tools To Life, telling us that it was free and advising us to join.   I have done so.   He says that we can only do so much and when we have finished the tasks for the day we are on, we have to click the button to say that we had.  Once we have done so a clock appears counting down to the next days tasks.  It starts at 16 hours.

His message is that you must Brand Yourself as a positive person, not make excuses, not complain, not give way to irrational fears.

In this post you were told to Brand Yourself, the next one is a review of a program I have recently joined

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  1. Hello TeamWorker,

    I am just exploring the sites referred by Janet Legere and how people are using and learning with them. I find it difficult not to go off madly in all directions with my own ideas though I am not an experienced blog writer.

    I did not intend to brand myself as a hosting expert just because I wanted a hosting service for my blog ideas. I don’t mean to close the door on that possibility but borrowing content was not an issue before I signed up and still seems odd.

    My comments are not intended to be negative, I am learning too and hopefully we can share original values as we learn these technical processes as well. It is great to see you take the technical bull by the horns and master the challenges.


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