My Programs

My Programs

Here are some of the advertising programs I use to get subscribers on to my list.

There are 3 things an internet marketer needs to run a successful business 2 of these: hosting and an autoresponder are provided by GVO, together with other services. Click on the banner below to find out more.

The 3rd is advertising. There are many different methods of advertising. One of the oldest is safelist and listbuilding programs . Click on the banners below to find out which ones I use and get good results from.

A note of caution is needed here. Many people confronted with a list of resources join them all at once and because they don’t know which one to use don’t use any of them. What I would suggest is join one, ugrade if you can afford it, set it up use it and also advertise it, and if someone upgrades you will earn a commission.

My List Building Advertising Programs

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!

Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.

Contact List Builder

Other List Building Advertising Programs

Most of the programs mentioned here are advertising programs but the question arises as to what you advertise. Janet Legere was mentioned above and what she provides is training, some free, some which has to be paid for. Contact List Builder can be joined for free, but the real training is only provided to her paid members. As the name implies it is all about List Building. This is the first thing you will be told when you get on the internet as it is the only way you will be able to make money.

Think about it. A shop relies on its regular customers not passing trade, who may only be visiting and the sameW applies to those who are selling things on the internet.

The method she recommends is to join a Funded System.

These programs provide step by step instructions. The 2 she recommends are:
1. Traffic Leads 2 Income for those who are new to the internet and:
2. Second Income Coach for those who are more advanced.

To find out more about them click on the links below:
Second Income Coach

On this page advertising programs have been looked at, in another Social ones will be looked at.

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