Net Learning Academy

Net Learning Academy

In the Page on Training Net Learning Academy was mentioned and the fact that it was launched by Robert Puddy, whose areas of expertise are: Traffic Exchanges. His Advertising Know How Traffic Exchange is one of the most popular, with thousands of subscribers.

Initially the script he used for it and his other Traffic Exchanges was exclusive to him, as was the one he uses for his membership sites, such as Net Learning Academy, but he is now selling them to others and is even giving away a Lite Version.

I have purchased both of them and will be telling you about the sites I have set up using them.

Many of those who also give training at the Net Learning Academy have their own Traffic Exchanges which they have launched using the above mentioned script.

Net Learning Academy: Who are the trainers and what do they teach?

On Monday Kaye Towne gives training on how to Construct email promotions and write compelling ad-copy.

On Tuesday James Holmes gives a step by step training on how to create a automated sales funnel to build your list. Instead of constructing his own Traffic Exchange he purchased to already established one: BootScootin and S W A T Traffic. He then got togher with James Stone and launched a site similar to his Prospect Geyser.

Most people are technically challenged, but this is only because they know nothing about it. Chris Houg was determined to rectify this and on Wednesday gives training on: how to cure your tech problems… Topics include Errors! server errors, forbidden errors, mysql connection errors and more!

On Thursday Robert Puddy gives training on how to benefit from membership sites. You start by giving away a free report under the heading of 6 Keys to Skyrocketing Your Success And Traffic Using Free Mini-Courses.

On Friday Janet Legere gives training on prospecting for leads and strategizing your list building. This is at 12 noon and at 3.00 Cat Heiter leads the room with a general question and answer session.

On Saturday everyone comes together and critiques the website of someone who has asked to be put in the Hot Seat.

Net Learning Academy: What else does it provide

All this training is free, but if you upgrade for a one time payment of $97.00 and $9.97 a month you can access the 52 week video coaching program and the recordings of the training described above. They have a Downline Builder (see Training) which is called Rebrander Site here.

To find out more and to subscribe to Net Learning Academy click on the banner below:

A lot of posts have been done on Training. This is what teachers do, whilst the pupils do the Learning. But it is not always the same people who do the teaching and learning, they can often change places.

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