New Years Eve 2011

New Years Eve 2011

It is New Years Eve 2011 and at 12.00 midnight it will be 2012. Now is the time to take stock as to where we are and how to proceed in 2012. We can make plans in our head, but if they stays there only what is the use.

What we should do with a New Years, or any other Plan is write them down and be as specific as we can. If we have a plan to follow with detailed steps with the time needed to do them when we sit in front of our computer and know that we have, say 30 minutes, we can do something that will take that time and then tick it as having been done.

I have just been at a New Years Eve conference put on my Janet and Don Legere to bring this year to a close. They spoke and then asked if anyone else wanted to. 4 people chose to do so and told us what their short and long term plans were. Janet said that made their plans so complicated that they were difficult to follow.

She referred us, as she usually does to the Resolution Success System which is a plan Devlyn Steel, who is their mentor and the owner of Tools to Life, a coaching program which those who belong to it visit each day and do the exercise(s) contained in it.

New Years Eve Plan

Janet asked us if we were going to be at the conference she is putting on in her home city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in April next year. Most of us are hoping to be there. She sdid the the Keynote Speaker will be the above mentioned Devlyn Steel.

Among the other New Years Eve goals mentioned were: loosing weight and improving health, getting out of debt. All those who spoke said that they were grateful for the training Janet provided and that they wanted to do the same thing. Everyone has a talent that they can use to benefit others.

The key, everyone agreed was thinking correctly, knowing what you wanted to achieve and following your passion. If you hate
what you are doing you will give it up.

New Years Eve and what the Plan contains

The one thing the Plan must not contain is where to advertise a program you are an affiliate for. That is unless it provides a means of you getting the name and email address of those who sign up for it. Janet recommends a Funded Sponsoring Program such as Traffic Lead 2 Income and/or Second Income Coach. Both of these allow you to choose which autoresponder to use.

Other programs that do the same are those produced by James Stone. The newest of these is Prospect Geyser, which also has a Safelist and a Traffic Exchange.

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The Plan must contain:

A program that allows you to build your list

An autoresponder, to collect subscribers name and email address.

Places to Advertise.

These are the basics of the New Years Eve Plan, we will look at each of them in later posts.

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