Internet Tools Needed by all Marketers

Internet Tools Needed by Marketers

  In earlier posts I mentioned that I am a member of Global Virtual Opportunity and have joined their programs as soon as I am told about them as they provide the internet tools that marketers need.  This is usually before they are launched, as existing subscribers are told about them first.  The latest one they have now launched is called Pure Leverage and it is a truly set and basically forget as far as the program itself is concerned, as everything has been done for us and supplies the internet tools we need.

It has 3 parts.  The first part which everyone joins is a suite of  internet tools that marketers need to run their business.  The 2nd is to become a Reseller so you can promote it and earn money.   The 3rd part is an upgrade that you can also earn money on. Read More…

GM Food Genetically Modified Fish

Genetically Modified Food: Genetically Modified Fish

I am a member of Avaaz who keep t6heir eyes on what is happening that they think is wrong and let us know ab out it. They provide a petition for us to sign. One of the recent ones I have received from them was on the above topic.

Please read it carefully and, if you are not already a member, join them, and sign the petition. Read More…

Warnings: Which Ones Should We Act On

Warnings: Which Ones Should We Act On

This was done on Sunday 4th November 2012 after the Hurrican hit New York and the residents were at the very least without electricity, and some died. Read More…

The BEAST an Advertising Plus program is now in pre-launch

The BEAST advertising plus program is now in pre-launch

Or rather it is in the phase between pre and the actual launch.   In pre-launch those who wanted to join could express interest and be added a list under their sponsor, but this is not possible now.    If you are interested in joining The Beast when it actually launches please fill in the form below.

Full Name:

Read More…

More About Official Dictating To Us

More About Officials Dictating To Us

In a post under the Category Health I asked if you were in charge or officials and gave examples where officials we voted into their positions, both in local and national goverment and large corporations are dictating to us what we can do and not do.

One aspect of  official dictating to us that was mentioned was the topic of man made global warming and the fact that officials in a position of authority were telling us that it was settled scientifically, but that others, who were not being given a hearing were saying that it was not. Read More…

Learning: Good – But Only If It Is Put Into Action

Learning: Good – But Only If It Is Put Into Action

No one knows everything and we should recognise that we need to learn from others, but learning is useless unless and until it is put into action.   This was the theme of the training given by Janet Legere today in her Contact List Builder Conference Room.    She said, as she always does, that you need a plan of action and a passion for what you are doing.  If you don’t have a passion for it when things get tough you will just quit.

Among those who attended was Rob Gehring of Traffic Leads 2 Income and he spoke to an attendee who was “trying” to do things.   He said, and Janet agreed, that should not try to do things, we should do them.   He issued a challenge that he said included all of us.   That was to go to our Facebook wall and put a message on it saying what we had learnt.

I also put the same message on my AdrienneFranklin Facebook Page.  Please visit and like it.

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Do You Want To Know About Robots

Do You Want To Know About Robots?

If you do, you are not alone over 9 million people put the word robot into Google. If you live in the UK the best place to see and interact with them is in Bristol. Bristol is a very inventive place. You say Hot Air Baloons, Concord, Ships, etc and you say Bristol.

The Bristol Robotics Lab is the largest of its kind in the UK. It is an academic lab, exploring the technologies that will build the robots of the future. And, sometimes, using robots to help push back other scientific frontiers. So you will not see any of its robots working in real factories. Read More…

You Must Build Your List

You Must Build Your List

To build your list  is the only MUST in internet marketing.  You will not succeed unless you do.    A new Viral List Builder, List Outbreak, from Mike Purvis, has just been released and I have to say it’s a ‘MUST’ join.    It can literally build your llist into the thousands in just a few days with very little effort.

In fact, List Outbreak is more viral, and will build your list faster, than anything you’ve seen before. Once you get access to the members  area you’ll discover the unique feature that’s spreading it like wildfire. Read More…

List Building: Contact List Builder Training

List Building: Contact List Builder Training

Every Thursday Janet Legere provides training on her Contact List Builder 5 Step Blueprint (CLB). She starts with an overview of the system and then concentrates on a specific aspect of it. The core of it as the name implies is List Building and on Thursday 28th June 2012 one aspect of it was looked at. This was how to make a Lead Capture Page on Traffic Leads 2 Income (TL2I).

Everyone, both free and paid members can make one page, but upgraded members can make as many as they like. When you join the program you are given a list of things to do and not allowed to go on to the next one until the previous one is finished. Once it is set up that is it. If you are an upgraded member and want to make another page all you have to do is scrool down to the bottom of the page and click the link that takes you to where you make a new page. Read More…



In the last post we looked at a Giveaway put on by Healthy Wealthy and Wise. Once they launched they shut the door to new contributors, but others, even though they have launched are still allowing people to subscribe as contributors.

Giveaways are the quickest way of Buiding Your List, but not just any list, but a super targetted one, as they have subscribed to receive a book, join a membership site, etc on a certain topic. Read More…