Training on using your conference room

Training On Using Your Conference Room

On the 26th November, 2009,  Janet Legere, who lives in Canada, reminded us, that it was Thanksgiving Day in the USA, when we joined others at her training class at 12.00 noon EST.   Keith Carberry also mentioned it at his Good Morning GVO class the day before.    He said that GVO could be compared to a Turducken, which is a turkey with a duck inside it which in turn has a chicken inside it.   Like it GVO has many different aspects to it all of which work together. Read More…

GVO And Training

GVO And Training

One of the Trainers in the GVO Conference Room is Janet Legere. She has her own business and a large list and on Thursdays at 12 noon EST she shares with us how she built it. She was the first to say that we must:


She and the other trainers say that people buy from those the Know, Like and Trust. A series of messages on this theme has been written and we are told how we can get them and get people to subscribe to receive them. The can be put into the Autoresponder GVO provide as part of the package. Read More…

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) Training

Training At  Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO)

You were told in the previous post that recently the owner of Kiosk Hosting Services and Hot Conference had recently branched out into other internet connected services. As the owners of Hot Conference they used this to talk to those who used their services when they had problems, but as part of the new service they now, like others (see AJFLeads), are providing Training on how to run an internet business generally and how each part of their new service operates. Read More…

Hello and Welcome

How To Brand Yourself

My name is Adrienne Franklin and I would like to welcome you to my Adrienne-Franklin Blog.  This is not my only one and was used initially to tie them and my other web sites together.    It was and still will be used to tell you what you need to know to run your business successfully.   But the main purpose of this blog is to Brand Myself. Read More…