Review of 1 Click

Review of 1 Click

Advertising is something every internet marketer needs. Up to recently this meant placing an advert is one place and then another or the same one somewhere else, which is extremely time consuming. In some programs, such as Traffic Exchanges you could put one or more site you wanted people to join in, ensure you had enough credits and leave it. But all this has changed with 1 Click.

Jane Mark and Phil Basten have just launched this, their new advertising site which they have called: 1 Click Marketing Machine which describes what it does. It is in pre-launch at the moment.

All you have to do to make 1 click work is:

1 Enter a title …
2 Then enter the url you want advertised…
3 Then click a button…
4 And walk away…

But you onlydo so if you want to only advertise one site on 1 Click. If you want to advertise more you can upgrade. Like many of their sites if you upgrade immediately you join you get it at a lower price than you would if you upgraded later and if you leave it too long you will end up paying even more.

Payment and 1 Click

Unlike some of their other sites this is a paid site, but it is only a One Time Payment not a monthly one. Like their SoKule site the site you enter is advertised on 2000 good advertising sites. They say more will be added.

There are different levels, but the best one to go for is the highest because this will give you Founding Member status, with benefits not enjoyed by those on lower levels.

Those who buy the upgrade packages will be given SoKule sokens, the amount depending on what level you upgrade to, with Founding members receiving the most.

If you are not already a member of SoKule “rel=nofollow” click here to join:

1 Click and other benefits

As well as using it to advertise your programs you can also use other places to advertise it. You get paid a percentage of what those who upgrade pay, so if you bought near the start and advertise after the price has gone up you will soon get back the money you paid. But at whatever level you are at you can advertise it and earn money.

You won’t be on the internet long before you are told that the quickest way to get yourself, and/or your site on the first page of Google is by writing articles. They have this taken care of with another of their sites Kule Search. Here you buy keywords and if someone else wants it they can buy it from you at a higher price than you paid and you also earn a commission.

But if you don’t want anyone to buy it the best way to ensure they don’t is buy linking it to a site you already own, be it your own or one you are an affiliate for.

This is only one of the ways to promote 1 Click, there are others, including putting a post on your blog about it. Other posts will be done as other services are added.

As you can see 1 Click is easy to set up.

To find out more about 1 Click click on the banner below:

1-Click :: 728_90

Here we have looked at 1 click set and forget advertising other forms of advertising will be looked at in later posts



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