Social Networking Academy

Social Networking Academy

This has recently been launched by Jo Barnes, who has been given the title:

The Facebook Queen

It is a membership site.  I was told that she was going to launch it sometime before it went public and am a Founding Member.   I was introduced to her by Chris Farrel who partnered with Mike Filsaime in the launch of Affiliate Dot Com.

She says that she tried many different programs but it was only when she decided to concentrate on one: Facebook Fan Pages and how to do them that she started to build her list and make money.

Social Networking Conference

In March she put on a conference in London with Chris Farrel, which I attended.  She told us that she was thinking of starting a membership site and we would be told about it as soon as she had set it up.

She decided to call it Social Networking Academy.   As Facebook was the social networking site that she knew the most about she said she would be concentrating on it, but also look at others.   There are hundreds of social networking sites and no one can belong to them all.

How Many Social Networking Sites Are There?

Some social networking sites are specific and concentrate on one niche, say health, while others, such as Facebook, are general, with people from all niches belonging to them.

When social networking sites started to become known to the general public the one most had heard of was MySpace, but now it is Facebook and anyone who has an internet connection is likely to join it and Twitter.   This includes businesses, broadcasting companies, etc.

But soon there will be a new one Google+, but at the moment this is in beta and someone can only join when they are invited to by someone already has.

The reason people join them is to talk to their existing friends and make new ones.   This is why they are called social networks, which brings us to the next post which looks at language.

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