Social Networking, Business And Fan Pages

Social Networking, Businesses and Fan Pages

In an earlier post Facebook Fan Pages were looked at and how they aided internet businesses. Up to now they were the only social media site that had them but now Sokule has joined them.

SoKule has been around for some time, but they are always adding new services to it and Fan Pages is the latest. Like Facebook you are given a string of numbers, but, again like Facebook, as soon as 25 people like, or in their case, star it, it is changed and you choose a memorable name for it.

What Else Does Sokule Provide To Aid Businesses

Unlike other Social Networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter Sokule was set up to provide tools for internet businesses. After someone joins, choosing a username and Buy Cialis password, just like they do with Facebook, etc they login and are presented with rows of buttons. Most people immediate reaction is: HELP. This provided by a series of videos that take you through all of the buttons and tell you what you will find when you click on them.

Much of it is given over to advertising. You can join for free, but are invited to upgrade. There are various levels from Bronze to Founder Member. The only one that has a limit on the number that will ever be able to join is Founder. The last ones to get in will pay much more than those of us who joined when it was first launched.

How Are Businesses Helped?

One of the really helpful features for internet businesses is being able to do one post and be able to have it sent to all the major social networking sites. In the case of Twitter where only 140 characters are allowed only the first sentence appears with a link back to the rest of the article.

You can do a short article, up to 500 characters and also much longer ones. One of the benefits of doing longer ones is that you can have it sent to all the major social media sites with one click.

Before you can post to any of the other Social Networking sites you have to belong to them.   This is quite time consuming but they have this covered.   They have teamed up with Brand Go Live to do this for you.  You can choose if you just have them set it up and do the rest yourself, or write the posts as well.    This is another service they provide internet businesses.

This site is the brain child of Jane Mark and Phil Basten who already had many advertising sites and wanted to do a do a social networking site that would benefit those with internet businesses.

Click on the banner below to find out more and see what they can do to aid yours and others internet businesses.

Sokule is SO KULE for business

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