Targetted Traffic and SEO

Targetted Traffic and SEO

In Make Money With Keywords you were told about Jane Mark and Phil Basten’s program: Kule Search.   This is only one of their many advertising programs.  Another is Kule Submit.

They ask if anyone wants to create more targeted traffic than they can handle  (i.e. make their websites blogs, etc SEO compliant)?   And if they wanted to attract cash ready buyers to their site without breaking into a sweat?

They add that that there is a right way and a wrong way to make your site SEO compliant.  You submit your sites to search engines, high ranking directories, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Video Sites, Podcast sites,  Social Bookmarking sites, and Press Buy Accutane Releases…

If you do it the right way and you can produce an unstoppable flood of cash-ready buyers and catapult your business to a whole new level.

This, they say, is by using their software, so:

How Does Kule Submit Get Your Site SEO Compliant?

It comes with 2 pieces of software:

1.   Content Submission

2.  Content Spinning

You have to remember that content is king.   The internet is not called the information super highway for nothing. Kule Submit’s SEO System allows you or someone doing it for you to easily submit content to 8 different types of sites: Articles, RSS, Press Releases, Videos, Social Bookmark, Classifieds, Podcasts, & Directories.   As all these have the keywords people are searching for you get targetted traffic.

It has to be unique content, so Kule Submit also has a built-in capability to “Spin” Content.     There are a lot of programs that say they spin content.   Some are good, while others are really bad.

If you don’t spin your content properly the search engines will look at your duplicate content a couple of times and ignore the other 98 places you submitted it to. With Kule Submit’s content spinner you can put an end to being ignored.    So how does:

Kule Search Work and Get You SEO Ready?

There are three pieces of the puzzle:   Content, Profiles, and Sites. Your goal is to submit your content to as many sites as possible. To do that you need to setup profiles from within the software, and again we’ve made that as easy as 1-2-3.

* First, you enter your content inside the appropriate profile.

* Next, you match your profile to the type of site you want to submit the content to; and…

* Shazam! Mass Content Submission to multiple sites occurs. It’s really just that simple to make your site SEO compliant.

Kule Submit’s SEO System is based on Google’s Universal Search. If you do a search in Google, you’ll see that it does more than simply return website listings.

If you search for a business, it will first show you it’s location on a Google Map. If you search for a celebrity, Google will first show you some of the songs that they sing, some videos, perhaps a couple of new stories,  and then maybe a couple of websites.

This is what “Universal Search” is all about. And, that is what the Kule Submit SEO System is all about as well.

If someone searches for something and there aren’t any news results, they won’t show up. If there aren’t videos, obviously, Google isn’t going to show any.

However, that’s where the true power of this software comes into play!

If nobody else has videos or press releases in your market that target the terms you’ve used in your content, you will automatically be one of the first results that show up. If there are results for that term, you will still show up with your fresh, relevant content.

How Does Kule Submit SEO System Content Spinning Work?

Kule Submit also has a built-in capability to “Spin” Content.

What this means is that instead of submitting the exact same content (article) to 100 different sites; you’ll be able to submit 100 different articles with the same basic idea, but will look totally different to the search engines. This is an extremely important feature which is why we included it
Kule Submit.

If you don’t spin your content properly the search engines will look at your duplicate content a couple of times and ignore the other 98 places you submitted it to. With Kule Submit’s content spinner you can put an end to being ignored.

If you had to do this yourself it would take you hours and time = money.  But even with this software it will take you some time.   This is also taken care of.   You can pay to have all 155 sites it sends you SEO compliant work to set up for you and you can also pay for it to be written for you.

To find out how much it costs to make your site SEO compliant visit Kule Submit and/or click on the banner below:

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