Traffic On Steroids

Traffic On Steroids

I would like to tell you about a new program which I only joined recently. It is called Lists N Profits. When it initially launched it did not have some of the features. You could join for free, but were offered upgrades which I took them up on. I logged in and was told that the mailer would not be available until a certain number of people subscribed which they now have. But as part of my membership I had 5 Solo Ads. I made use of one of them and in under 12 hours I had had 24 subscribers.

The program I advertised was naturally my Earth Friendly Biz.     And once in many have taken action and joined Lead Gusher.   They have also joined GVO and Earth Friendly Biz.

List Builders and Traffic

This program comes under the heading of List Builder, which operate on the principle of those who join agreeing to receive emails from other members telling you about the programs they are promoting in return for sending your own in the hope that they will want to join.

How often to how many you can send an email depends on your membership level.    This fixes the basic number, but you can also send to others if you have enough credits.   You can get these by clicking on specified links in the emails you receive.

How Else Can You Earn Credits and Traffic

When you login you are taken to the home page and to the left of the screen you see a list of buttons to click to take you to other parts of the site.   The top one is Start Here, which gives you the latest news.

The next one takes you to Super Solo Inbox.  This contains Super Solo emails from other members which you can click to earn credits.   The same applies to Solo Inbox (button 4)

Between them is My List which tells you how many credits, solo, banner and login ads you have.   These can be accessed via Advertising (button 6).   Before you reach these you are invited to purchase them and other advertising, i.e. text links and gift slots.    All of these, in one way or another, bring traffic to your site.

Between the above is Referral Builder, which is another way of getting traffic to your site, but no immediately as in the case of the above.  Here you are invited to join Text Ad Exchanges, other List Builders, Money Makers and Super Solo Sites.  

Here Order Generic Cialis Online without Prescription you are invited to put the link to other advertising programs you belong to so that those you refer to the program can subscribe under you and if they upgrade earn you monthly, either as a one off payment or monthly.   They can also be used by yourself to bring trafic to your site.

Button 7 System Mailer is the one you are likely to use most to bring traffic to whatever site you are advertising.   Like many others you can mail to other subscribers every 3 days.

As you can see there are many ways List Builders like this one, you can use to bring traffic to your sites.

List Builders are only one of the many ways you can use to bring traffic to your site, others such as blogging, will be looked at in later posts.

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