Training at Contact List Builder

Training at Contact List Builder

One of the first programs Janet Legere launched was Contact List Builder. She moved on to other programs but has recently re-launched Contact List Builder. For quite some time it was in Pre-Launch with only those of us who had joined her other programs knowing about it. But now it has been launched for everyone.

You can join for free, but get more if you upgrade. This includes training in her conference room and access to the recording. She also has a Skype Group that those who have upgraded can join.

What is the Training On?

It is divided into 5 Steps, but with many sub-divisions, some more than others.   It begins with Right Thinking.   It is said that those who think they can and those who think they cannot are both right.   Most of what we do on the internet is mechanical, involving following a proven system.   You find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and follow what they have done to get there.

Those who join are invited to download the Resolution Success System, by Devlyn Steel, whose Tools To Life she join when it was a physical product sent to subscribers weekly.   Now it is available on the internet on a daily basis and last for 90 days.

She says that most of those who give training assume a certain level of knowledge on the part of those who join, but she does not and from the start gives the basic knowledge everyone needs when they are beginning.  But more advanced training is given and if it is on a topic she is not an expert on but knows someone who is she asks them to give it.

Who has given Training at Contact List Builder?

After telling us how to fix our Goals and Mindsets she moved on to Plan of Action saying:

Armed with your copy of the Resolution Success System, you are now ready to create a list of activities that will move you toward your goal. These activities will include things like

  • Blogging
  • Social Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Safelists
  • Credit Based Lists

Under Blogging she introduced us to Steve Gaghagen and his Blogging Workshop in which he tells us how, among other thins, to choose the correct keywords so our blogs get on the first pages of the search engines.  This comes under the heading of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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In this post we have looked at the Training provided by Janet Legere’s Contact List Builder. In later post we will look at other aspects of the training.

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