Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) Training

Training At  Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO)

You were told in the previous post that recently the owner of Kiosk Hosting Services and Hot Conference had recently branched out into other internet connected services. As the owners of Hot Conference they used this to talk to those who used their services when they had problems, but as part of the new service they now, like others (see AJFLeads), are providing Training on how to run an internet business generally and how each part of their new service operates.

Training at GVO

Training is given in both their conference room and also on the site, where videos showing how to set up and run the individual parts, such as the autoresponder, of the program.

Training provided on Site

When someone joins one of the first things they are told to do was see what is provided, which is given in a list on the left of the page  and then start at the top and master each one before moving on to the next one.   We were told that a video had been done by the owner Joel Therien, showing how each of them worked.

The first one is an Autoresponder, followed by Prospecting.   Here we are provided with Squeeze Pages.  Banners are also provided and other tools to aid in advertising of the site.     More will be said on these and the other services in a later post.

One of the nicest, if not the nicest, is the training given by various internet marketers, who are not part of GVO but like the system and want others to do the same.

More on training in the next post.

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