Training on Saturday 17th September 2011

Training on Saturday 17th September 2011

As usual (see Adrienne Franklin Blog) on Saturday’s I attended 2 training programs. The last few weeks Joel Therien told us about the new program he had just released under the GVO label. This was Host Then Profit. He said that he had been asked for it by those who were promoting his Titanium Package, which is $44.95 on the grounds that those starting out couldn’t afford it and didn’t need all the tools provided, or rather didn’t need so many, as they were unlimited.

Host Then Profit does provide all the Titamium package does, but restricts the number so the only get 4 domain names, etc. See G V O Launches

G V O Training

The first one was put on by GVO and the speaker was Mark Call, but he just introduced it and invited others to come up and tell us how joining GVO and attending the training they put on had effected them. Everyone agreed that no matter how long we have been on the internet we need training and atleast one mentor. We were told who were the mentors of those who spoke. All of them, some of them only a couple of years ago, had been struggling and not getting far with internet marketing but since joining a training program and/or getting a mentor, all of them from GVO they were now, either where they wanted to be, orgetting there.

Mark Call named Joel Therien as one of his mentors, adding that he had others. He said he was running a training program and introduced us to one of his trainees, who was now a trainer at GVO. one of the people who spoke was Robert Puddy, who said he was learning from Mark, who said this was reciprocated as he was learning from Robert.

Janet Legere Training

The other training was introduced by Janet Legere who, as you know, holds them every Saturday. The last few weeks she talked about her new, or rather the relaunch of one of her earliest progrms: Contact List Builder. This is a training program with a membership site. But this week she had a guest speaker.

It started, as it usually does, with her husband, Don, giving an inspirational talk. He said, as he often does, that most people think that they lack certain things and if they had them they would be happy.

He said that this is not the case. If we think negative thoughts i.e. we need more money, or anything else this is what we will have, or rather, we will not have what we think we lack. What we should do is turn ut around and think that we have abundance.

Most weeks Janet gives a talk about a certain aspect of one of her progrms, but this week she introduced us to James Holmes who told us how to get the most from Traffic Exchanges.

He said that like most people what he put into them was an affiliate link inviting those who saw it to buy what it was he was advertising. He said that this was the wrong thing to put into a Traffic Exchange. What we should put in was a Lead Capture Page inviting people to give their name and email address, to be stored in your autoresponder, in return for something of value, i.e. a book, a series, of videos, etc.

Unlike others who set up their own Traffic Exchanges he decided to purchase established one and has recently acquired S.W.A.T. Traffic and BootinScootin Traffic. But he is not the only person who has acquired an established program and like them is changing them to suit himself.

He said we should join one program at a time and get it setup, using all the tools that are provided. He said that one of the most negelected aspects of Traffic Exchanges was the Downline Builder which allows subscribers to put their link in the place provided for all the programs they are already members of and to join those they are not, but only after they have the one they are on is set up.

Among the other things provided are promotional aids, but both he and Janet said not to use them in other TE’s, etc, but to build your list and let your subscribers know how you are getting on with them. He said to always use a tracking link so you can see how you are doing and to drop those who are not getting you subscribers.

To close we were told that Training is Good, but you have to put what you learnt into practice.

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