Training on using your conference room

Training On Using Your Conference Room

On the 26th November, 2009,  Janet Legere, who lives in Canada, reminded us, that it was Thanksgiving Day in the USA, when we joined others at her training class at 12.00 noon EST.   Keith Carberry also mentioned it at his Good Morning GVO class the day before.    He said that GVO could be compared to a Turducken, which is a turkey with a duck inside it which in turn has a chicken inside it.   Like it GVO has many different aspects to it all of which work together.

Janet reminded us that as part of the package we get at GVO is a conference room to which we can invite people and establish a relationship with them.   As has been said other places people like doing business with those the know, like and trust and the quickest way for them to get to know someone is by them opening up their conference room.

Using Your Conference Room as a Training Resource

All the training given by the GVO Trainers is based on the fact that people like to do business with those they know and if someone is anonymous people are unlikely to want to do business with us.   Janet particularly, emphasis the fact that we have a conference room to which we can invite people and talk to them.

Using Your Conference Room to get to Know People

Janet also tells that one of the best ways to get people to know you is to put posts on your blog telling them what you have learnt from the training.     But you have to keep it up to date and when you put a new post on it, she says, send a broadcast message to your subscribers and tell them that you have done so and invite them to comment on it.

Another person who advises her subscribers on how to use your blog is Liz Tomey.

All of these give training and point out that the main part of training is not attending the conference, but taking action, i.e. doing what you have been told about.   Every time Janet tells us to put a post on our blog commenting on what we had learnt.   She also urges us to make a video.  She acknowledges that people are nervous about making a video, and are worried about how they look and sound.  “Fine”, she says, adding that each of us is unique and have something to share with others and this, she says, is what is important not how we look.  Buy cheap online Provigil She said that she was sure we went out, met people in the street, in shops, in clubs, etc so why won’t we make a video?

In this post we looked at why we should use our conference room, in the next one we look at another service we get in our package from GVO and that is Easy Video Producer.

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