No one person can know all there is to know about internet marketing each person has their own area of expertise and we can learn from each other. More and more people are giving training, both on the internet in general and their programs in particular. Some charge for this, others provide it free and others charge a fixed price and provide all the training that is needed to cover all aspects of what they are providing training on.

Training and Who Provides it

Quite a few posts have been done on Training. They have concentrated on that provided by GVO and Janet Legere. When I started attending the training provided by GVO Janet was one other trainers, but she has moved on to other programs, both her own and those belonging to others such as Prospect Geyser. She still recommends GVO and tells us what it can do for us. The latest program she has joined and provides training for is Net Learning Academy.

This was launched by Robert Puddy, but as it deals with various aspects of internet marketing others give training in their area of expertise. Robert’s is on Thursdays and Janet’s is on Friday, with others providing it on other days. But they all come together on Saturday, to answer questions and critique members sites. Sunday is the only day training is not provided.

Training and What it is on

Robert’s area of expertise is Traffic Exchanges and Membership sites.

His series of talks when this page was done was how to use a free
report to get people to give you their name and email address.
One of the first things most trainers say is to concentrate on one thing at a time, and when you are invited to join another program ask yourself if it fits in with what you have decided to focus on and if it doesn’ t then refuse to join it. But if you think it does do join it.

All the programs both Janet and Robert are associated with provide a Downline Builder where those that join any of the programs can put their links, if they belong to it so that those that join under them can access it and if they don’t belong to it already can join under their sponsor thus giving them multiple streams of income.

To see how this works click on the banner below:

To close this here again is the link to the posts on Training.

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