Warnings: Which Ones Should We Act On

Warnings: Which Ones Should We Act On

This was done on Sunday 4th November 2012 after the Hurrican hit New York and the residents were at the very least without electricity, and some died.

Warnings were issued, most of those who were told to move did so, but some did not and gave various reasons why. The question is which warnings should we act upon and which should we not? Earlier this year in the Bristol area someone, for a very good reason, ignored a warning that if he did something he might be at risk of harm and in this case it proved to be the case, but in others in did not. The actual happening will be looked at below. It can be seen from this that some warnings are specific, but others are not. We do not get hurricans in the UK, but we do get flooding. Those who live near rivers are effected but those who do are are unlikely to be. But those who live by rivers are only effected if we get heavy rainfall and they burst their banks.

Warnings: Whose Should We Heed?

Should we always obey those in positions of authority, be they national or local government, police, etc or should we refuse and pay the consequences. This is a question Christians in some countries, including the UK, have to ask themselves and many have decided not to heed the warnings and in some cases have paid with their lives. Christians have also issued warnings and have been accused of wanting those things they have warned others are going to happen and even doing things to make them happen. This has been touched on in earlier posts. To read them go to: Language .

Warnings: Who Was Warned and the Outcome

I begin with the occurence in the Bristol area. If you live in the UK you will have heard that the murderer of John Stoddarts, the Vicar of Thornbury has been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment and that he has also been found guilty of Betty Yates a 77 year old grandmother. His defence was that had been abused by a priest as a child and that as a result hated both God and Christians and he wasn’t responsible for his actions. But the jury dismissed this and found him guilty and the judge said that what he had done was so evil that he should spend the rest of his life in prison. Christian ministers have been warned that they are at risk by inviting people into their homes. The Rev Suddards said he knew this, but doing it was part of his job and as a christian he had to.

This is a case of someone being warned to do, or in this case, not to do something because someone may harm them. But their is also warnings issued to other Christians that they will be harmed if they continue to be Christians in some countries and by groups of people in others. If a Muslim becomes a Christian in a Muslim country they can be killed by both the state and their own families. Their answer frequently is that Christ died for them and they will
not deny Him.

But what about the cases where people refuse to belief what they say is going to happen based on what the Bible says and accusing them of wanting it to happen? On the surface this may seem to be different to the other warnings in that previous occurences of the same or similar thing having happened, when the circumstances where in place to make them happening. But in this case it is a one off with no previous happening to back it up. The actual occurrence(s) may not have happened before, but these are prophecies of what will happen and other prophecies have been literally fulfilled they are not so different to the other happenings mentioned above.   A post looking at this and the response to the warnings issued  in detail will be done soon.

In this post we looked at Warnings, I would like your comments on it and if you would like more or not.

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