Website Done For You

Website Done For You

 There are many internet marketers offering to give you a free website, but when you take them up on their offer you find that you have to subscribe to a hosting company who provide you with hosting, but nothing else. The one I want to tell you about in this post could be more different.

The person who is offering to build you a website is Stone Evans. He has been doing this for 10 years and the hosting company he is using is GVO. I have been with him for a number of years and when I joined it was another hosting company with a seperate autoresponder, which, as you know, if you have read earlier posts is part of GVO.

The autoresponder comes loaded with messages introducing those that subscribe to the programs which are preloaded on to the website. You are told to choose a domain name. I chose adriennes-market.com. But this is not what you are advised to advertise, but a Squeeze Page, which he supplies.

After giving your name and email address you are sent to the registration page, and asked to subscribe to GVO and then put in your username and password.  This is the only one your password is asked for and you only have to give it to allow him to put the messages in your autoresponder.

Next comes the invitation to choose your domain name.  I use Namecheap.   As I said I chose adreiennes-market.com.

As I said above it comes pre-loaded with money making programs.   Others offer to promote programs for you, but insist that you cancel your subscription if you are already a member and join under them.  This is not the case with this site.   I have been a member of both GVO and the other programs for some time.  What are the other programs?

Free Website: What Else Does It Contain

All of these come under Affiliate Programs and start with SFI.  This was one of the programs that he put on the site when I joined and is the only one remaining.  It is free to join.

Next comes Dot Com Secrets X.   This is the brain child of Russell Brunson.   I was a member of it before reactiving my adrienne-franklin.com  website .  In fact it because he mentioned the service Stone Evens provides that made me do so.

Next comes another I was member of and that is Empower Network.  Like Pure Leverage from GVO  you can upgrade in this program.  In fact there are a number of upgrades, some of them costing hundreds and in one case thousands of dollars.   These are initially beyond the reach of those who are just starting out, but once you start making money you can use it to upgrade so you can earn even more.

The last one you are invited to join is another one from GVO.  It is there health program and is called:

7 Minute Workout  Once again I was a member of this program.  As with the other programs you can upgrade and earn more money.  In this case they advertise for you.   And for those who want to build their list fast fast they offer a larger packages.

Free Website: Summary

This website is done for you for free and comes preloaded with money making affiliate programs.   Most of them pay 100% commissions.  This means you only have to advertise one website to build Multiple Streams of Income.

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