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Welcome to Adrienne-Franklin:
Branding You Online

My name is Adrienne Franklin and I would like to welcome you to my Adrienne-Franklin Blog, where you will learn all about Branding You Online.  This is my Blog Page and where you will land when you click on Adrienne-Franklin.com.    You will also want to read my latest posts.  To do so please go to Adrienne-Franklin Blog

This is not my only Blog, or website,  and was used initially to tie them and my other web sites together.    It was and still will be used to tell you what you need to know to run your business successfully.   But the main purpose of this blog is to set about:

Branding You Online and Your Business

You first have to set about Branding You, by having your name as your domain name, as I have here, with Adrienne-Franklin.com, and then you have to associate your name with your business.   You can do this with a review of it on your blog.   So when you launch a new program you need to get others involved before you actually launch it, so others know when to expect it.

You don’t only use and promote your own programs, but those of others.  You also need to “Brand” them with you.   You need to “Become a Product of the Products You Use”.    So how do you set about:

Branding You Online With Other People Programs?

I am on the mailing list of a lot of internet marketers who are continually searching for ways to make things easier and or more profitable. But this does not mean that all they do is ask you to pay for things. Definitely not they, like me, are here to provide you with a service, and much of the information provided will be free.

The first thing to be established is that whatever it is that you want to interest people in you have to tell them about it which means that you need advertising. Some methods of advertising that were popular and yielded results no longer do so and have disappeared from the scene.

But some have remained such as Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads. You will find out about these and many more ways of advertising in my advertising blog. You will also be told how they operate, the best way to use them and equally important, what not to do.

When someone decides to become an Internet Marketer they usually look around to see who they can join and become an affiliate rather than, at least initially, produce their own products.   The advice they are given is to build a list around a theme, such as health, a hobby, etc and then tell them about programs you are an affiliate to on that theme.   This way you Brand Yourself Online.

Branding You Online and Affiliate programs

People are still doing this, but lately their has been a twist to this, which you will be told about a later. Initially affiliates sent those they had interested in purchasing the product straight to the owner of the site, but the drawback to doing this is that they are all but lost to you forever, at least as far as interesting them in other programs.

When people realised this they searched for a way to get their name and email address before sending them to the site they were an affiliate to and Squeeze/Lead Capture Pages were born.

Which brings us to another thing you need to help you in Branding You is  an autoresponder where the information they give is stored and from where messages are sent out to them on a regular basis.

Another thing you need is an email address, but here you really do have to be careful. The free ones such as Yahoo have a policy that they do not deliver messages from autoresponders and as you have to confirm that you want to join the mailing list of those who use them means you will not be able to do so.

At the moment GMail is the only one that does not have this policy, but that could change. The only safe way to ensure that you do receive all the emails you want is to use the email facility provided by hosting companies, which means that you have to have your own web site and:

A Hosting Company. This being the last thing you need to run a business. Some hosting companies are stand alone ones, that being all they provide, but others provide hosting among such services as autoresponders, a shopping cart, etc.

This blog is hosted by GVO, who, unlike many other hosting companies own their own servers, which others rent from them. Initially, this, with Hot Conference was all they owned, but lately they have branched out and are now providing much more, under the title of GVO.   This blog will feature the services they provide. The first post will introduce you to them.

Among the other things they provide is training and it was at their training I learnt that you have to set about Branding You.

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  1. glena says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    you have done an excellant job here. I am happy to see you are still interested in running a business and helping others
    Blessings to you and yours in Love and LIGHT
    BTW. beautiful background

  2. Thank you Adrienne for the great information you provide here on your blog. Now I’m off to read more about YOU!

  3. Armand says:

    Hi, Adrienne
    nice review when you read this from top to bottom it is so completely packed with value who would not want to buy this and the fact there is a huge amount of money to be made here that will grow and grow for years as long as one belongs to the program

    Have a great day

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