What About Outsourcing – Do You Do It?

Do You Do Outsourcing?

More and more people are using outsourcing. This can range from having someone build you a website with everything you need on it to virtually turning your business over to someone else to run for you and paying them to do it.

If you decide that outsourching the building of your website is for you, because you struggle to do it yourself, you are still left with the problem of promoting it. Again many people struggle with this and are more than willing to pay others to do it.

Ways of Outsourcing

Others realise this and have dealt with it in a variety of ways. Some will tell you were the best places to advertise are, others will either take over and advertise everything you want advertised, or promote one of your websites and guarantee a certain number of people to your site.

Others do not tell you were to advertise but give you ads to place in Safelists, Solo Ads, etc.

The reasoning behind outsourcing is that you can use the talents and expertise of those who are masters in what you want to outsource to them.

No matter what anyone says, internet marketing is never a solitary thing, with you doing everything yourself. You can sum it up by saying:

Outsourcing and Team Work Helps Your Succeed

In earlier posts you were told about GVO and the training Janet Legere gives for them and about her program Earth Friendly Biz.   Another of her contribution to this is her setting up of a Skype Group which all those who are part of Earth Friendly Biz can access and get to know the others who are also part of it.

Other aspects of Outsourcing will be looked in in later posts.

Click Below For One Part Of Outsourcing

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