What Was The First Outsourcing?

What Was The First Outsourcing?

Affiliate Marketing could said to be the first form of outsourcing in that someone else did all the work on the program and all the affiliate had to do was market it. But this was not true outsourcing because the program never belonged to you.

The next one to emerge was Private Label Rights material. But this term has come to cover material that only belongs to you in that you don’t have to pay the producer anything when you sell it and you Cheap Cialis can use it to build your list.

Outsourcing and PLR

Genuine Private Label Rights material can be just the Source Code in the form of a Word document with nothing else, right up to a complete program with ads and emails that you can put into your autoresponder and invite subscribers to sign up to receive them and thereby build your list.

With these programs you have to register domain names and using the website that is included set them up. Many people just take these and use the graphics supplied, set them up and start promoting them. But the better way, as this will make them unique to you, is to change the graphics, the name of the program and also the Source Code and then market them.

Outsourcing By Buying Readymade Programs

One of those who has built their reputation on doing this is Jeremy Burns. He has recently (19/8/2010) released No 10. Once someone has bought from him they are entered on his list to be told when the next one is due to be released so that they can advertise it and earn a commission.

Before producing them he researches to see what people are already buying and/or asking about in large numbers. This means that those buying them have a ready made hungry market that they can promote to.

While it is better to make a few changes and make it your own the sooner you can do this the better as you can then go out and promote it and make money.

Here we have looked at one way you can outsource by buying programs others have produced, make a few changes and market them as your own work.    There are other ways of outsourcing and these will be looked at in later posts in the next one we look at Conferencing.

More will be given later, but this brings the posts on outsourcing to an end for the time being.

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