Why attend conferences?

Why attend conferences?

One of the first things you are told to do when you start out as an internet marketer is to

Build Your List

Another thing you are advised to do I attend conferences and get to know those who do the same thing.   Confernces can be held in conference rooms (posts have been done on these) and also in hotels.   Janet Legere has been mentioned in earlier posts in connection with the training provided in the Conference Room owned by GVO and I met her and her husband Don at the Conference I attened on in Las Vegas from 25th to the 30th of March.  I also met others from GVO including Joel Therien the owner.

Conferences: Las Vegas The Hotel

The hotel we stayed at for the conference was not in the center of Las Vegas, but on the outskirts in the Red Rock District. Below is one I took from my bedroom window. 

Conferences: The Las Vegas One

I arrived on Thursday 25 March and on Friday 26th joined a coach tour of the district.   Here is one of the pictures I had taken.

On the Friday evening we had a party.  Below is a picture of me taken with him and Marshall Sylver who was the person who put the confernce on.   Joel and others had met him at an earlier conference they had attended which he had spoken at and persuaded him to give a deal to those of us in GVO who attended the training in the conference room.

One of the main reasons to attend conferences is not to hear what those we speak have to say, but to met others who you can do business with and partner with so you can hold each other to account.

So conferences can be held both in hotels and in conference rooms.   The ones held in hotels, particularly if those attending have to travel from another country are few and far between, due to the time and money involved.   You can keep in touch with those you meet at conferences by meeting them at those held in conference rooms.

In this post we looked at conferences, in the next one I review a program I joined shortly after I returned.

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  1. Janet Legere says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Great blog and it’s great to remember Vegas. Don and I enjoyed getting to spend time with you.

    You are a very amazing woman and I’m glad we got to meet.

    Can’t wait to see more photos 🙂


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