Communication With Your Subscribers

Communication With Your Subscribers

People like to know those who they are doing business with. This is the theme running through all the training Janet Legere gives, both in GVO’s training room and her own is that you must Brand Yourself. This is the title of a series of messages supplied by GVO that she advises people to put on their blog and invite people to sign up for them by giving their name and email address in the box on her blog.

This is supplied by GVO via the autoresponder they provide as part of the pack you get when you subscribe. But this is not all. They, as you were told in earlier posts also provide an autoresponder, and Easy Video Producer. On Thursday she told us about something else that is provided and that is your own Hot Conference Room.

Communication In Conference Room

Just as Kiosk (their hosting program) is now GVO, Hot Conference is now GVO Conference.   This has not been released to the general public, but is being marketed by those who are already customers in either of the programs.

As with their other programs, such as the autoresponder, vidoes have been done to show you how to set it up.

Just as Kiosk, their hosting program was changed to GVO so has Hot Conference Room.   It is now GVO Conference.  As with the other services they provide vidoes have been done to guide you in setting it up.

She told us that, like her, those that set it up can give desk top training. What happens is that when you log into it, you can go to your CPanel and show how to use that, the autoresponder, or whatever else you want to show people how to use.

What Is Your Communication About

Conference Rooms can be used for both for communication between 2 or more people and also for one person giving training, but with those receiving it being able to ask questions, make comments thereby having communication.

A conference room is provided in what you get when you subscribe to GVO, but only 10 people can attend at one time.   The new seperate one, which is only $8.97 a month allows 50 people to attend and communicate.

To find out more, subscribe and receive a free book on webconferencing, click here.

In this post we have looked at communication, communication starts with thought, you cannot communicate with someone until you know what to say.   No one wants to have communication with a someone if all they do is complain, have excuses why they cannot do something, etc and this is what we will be looking at in the next post.

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