Would You Like One of Your Websites On TV?

Would You Like Your Websites On TV?

I am sure you are saying: “I would, but it is far too expensive.” You would be correct if you approached a television company and asked for terms and prices. But not if you join Websites On TV.

Websites On TV was born in the mind of Paul Darby when he found himself responding to an advert on TV. He saw it and immediately went to his computer to purchase what was being advertised. As soon as he reached his computer a light went on in his brain: What if he could set up a program that would allow him and others to advertise on TV?

Why Websites On TV Works

He found out that in the USA 290 million people watch TV for more than 4 hours a day. But this was not all he also found out that they bought what was advertised on TV.

This got him grinning as he knew his friends and him were about to make a whole bunch of money on the internet because now for the first time they could advertise their websites on TV to hundreds of thousands of people a day…

How Did Websites On TV Come Into Existence

After a sleepless night he charted his ideas out and started calling some of his heavy hitter friends in my skype contacts …

And told them he could get all of their websites on TV …

And get them more customers and more sales than they have ever had! He told his new crazy idea about websites on TV to a programer guy in India, a software developer in Houston, Texas, a top advertising executive (at one of the biggest advertising agencies in the World) and a server engineer in Canada…

And darned if I wasn’t able to talk them all into working with him to create a system that would advertise any of their websites on TV in seconds!

There has never been any advertising like Websites On TV on the internet before..

If you join Websites On TV not only can you have any or all of your websites on TV but your websites will have a professionally created banner on it… Imagine the interest when your visitors see this killer logo on your site when they arrive.

He wanted everyone to see that it’s true that when you can get a whole lot of people to go to your websites, you get to sell a lot of stuff and make a whole lot of money!

You are told that if you have a website, or are thinking of getting a website, or know any one who has a website, or know anyone who knows anyone who has a website, to type it in a box and as long as it isn’t porn, or hate or objectionable to our panel of grandmothers, den chiefs, and sign painters, our software will insert it in the televison advertising schedule that is running on television stations at this very moment…

You Can Put Your Website In Our TV Advertising Right Now!!!

Just type it in below. Yes, now. In the box. It’s that easy! Go.. You want your website to show up in the TV advertising so you can sell a lot of stuff, make a bunch of money, get ripped, have more friends and be invited to join the “In” crowd too don’t you?

To find out more about Websites On TV click on the banner below:

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