Your Thinking Determines Your Actions

Your Thinking Determines:

Your Actions

Solomon knew this 3,000 years ago and it won’t be long on the internet before you will be told that if you think you can do something, or think you can’t you are right.     You may think that it is what you do not what you think, or believe, that matters and this is true up to a point.  But against this a persons actions arise out of their core beliefs, or how someone thinks.

Thinking: Effect A Persons Actions

One of the biggest niches is the Self Improvement one but before you can improve something you have to know what needs improving and this involves thinking about the thing you are trying to improve.    There are many aspects of self improvement and each of the involves thinking.

You may, or may not have heard of The Law of Attraction which teaches that you attract to yourself what you think about.  If you think negatively you attract negative things and if positively you attract positive things.

Right Thinking:  Make It Your Friend

When you thinking negatively you have to stop and ask yourself how this negative thinking can be changed to posiitive thinking.    For instance if you don’t have enough money coming in you don’t think that, but What Do I Do To Get More Money.    Or if you are in debt ask yourself how to get debt free.

style=”color: #0000ff;”>Self-Improvement and Right Thinking

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